Rehabilitation Services

Hitz Home offers physical, speech and occupational rehabilitation services through Rehab Care, a division of Kindred, 7 days a week. Our therapy services are offered to our residents by a team of licensed, caring professionals who are skilled in adapting treatments to fit the resident’s needs. Rehab Care offers Vital Stim, E-stim and ultrasound as part of their therapy regimen. Restoring our residents’ bodies and minds is the ultimate goal of our rehabilitation team.

Rehab to Home is our Goal!

Post-surgery rehabilitation
• Endurance / Strengthening
• Wound Care
• Stroke Recovery
• Cardiac Care
• Pain Management
• Post orthopedic Surgery
• Low vision
• Neuromuscular electrical stimulation/vital stem
• Seating Wheelchair positioning
• Contracture management
• Balance/ Fall management
• Neurological disorders
-MS, Parkinson & Cerebral Palsy
• Cognitive linguistics Therapy
• Dysphagia (Swallow) Therapy
• Speech language Therapy
• Urinary Incontinence

Our Rehabilitation Services Staff

Christine Smith, COTA/L

– Program Director
– Over 15 years experience
– Geriatric Certified
– 15 years experience with CVA, Dementia, Orthopedic and Cardiac Rehab Patients
– Specializes in wheelchair postioning

Brittany Essenpreis, PTA

– Graduated from Kaskaskia College in 2014
– 9 mths experience
– Over 9 years working with Geriatrics
– Experience with orthopedic and dementia rehab patients

Kristie Korte, Speech Therapist

– Vital Stim Certified
– Specializes in Swallow & Cognition
– Experience with CVA, Dementia, Communication Dysphasia