Pamper Me – Men

Here at Hitz, we have an “activity” called Pamper Me. It usually consists of the women getting their nails done, or other little pamper activities, but pampering is not just for the women. One of our male residents indulged (after a bit of coaxing) in some slight pampering. Our nurse Ken, is always very patient, […]

Smile Toss

One of the first games of 2019 was the smile toss. The residents tossed a giant inflatable ball with a smile face on it, around to each other. It was funny watching the residents try and hold back a smile. You just can’t help but smile while playing this game!

Saran Wrap Ball

This is one of my favorite games ever! The Saran Wrap Ball Game. You take a roll (or 2) of Saran wrap, and start wrapping small treats and other small-ish items, you wrap the items in different layers building a ball. One person tries to unwrap the ball while another tries to roll doubles then […]